All in For Glasgow

‘All in For Glasgow’ to support next phase of homelessness services

  • Progression of service model amid housing emergency in Glasgow
  • Change process will draw on local services and lived experience expertise
  • HNS to create structure for partners to collaborate and identify priorities

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership has appointed Homeless Network Scotland to support the progression of its homelessness services against the backdrop of a housing emergency.
The organisation will facilitate a process that draws on expertise of local services and people with experience of homelessness to implement the evidence-backed solutions services can provide and pinpoint what matters most to people seeking help.
The ‘All in For Glasgow’ programme of change will focus on the support people need during a housing and cost-of-living crisis. This includes street outreach services for people sleeping rough, drop-in support at city-centre locations and at-home support for people after an experience of homelessness.
Branching out Housing First will be a priority – this means more capacity to provide flexible, wraparound support for more people whose homelessness is made harder by experiences with trauma, addiction or mental health. Determining the right capacity of support for people who want shared and supported housing will also be a priority. 
It comes after GCHSCP convened sessions with local service providers around the unprecedented pressures on housing and homelessness in the city, driven by factors including the cost-of-living crisis, inflation, UK immigration policy and global events. Glasgow City Council declared a housing emergency in November 2023.
All in For Glasgow will focus on creating the conditions for effective collaboration to advance service delivery by implementing the solutions that are proven to work – a crucial factor in this moment.
Homeless Network Scotland has been tasked with facilitating a new programme that will draw from recent learning, harness the energy of a sector determined to meet current challenges – and to put in place a strong network of support for people in Glasgow affected by both the cost-of-living crisis and housing emergency.
Glasgow is one of only two authorities in Scotland where homelessness is incorporated into health and social care planning structures. The GCHSCP broke new ground by setting up Health and Social Care Connect, a single route for people to access health and social care services.

Susanne Millar, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership Chief Officer, said:

“We are delighted to continue our work with the homelessness sector within Glasgow and nationally. Our multi-agency work over the past several years provides a robust foundation from which we will move forward together.

“We have worked with Homeless Network Scotland for several years and are confident of their role in the next phase of this work.”

Maggie Brünjes, Homeless Network Scotland Chief Executive, said: 

“It is paramount that services that help people without a settled home are backed by best evidence of what works and deliver on what matters most to people using those services.

“Glasgow faces multiple pressures, but the city has the advantage of a skilled network of service providers, and a forward-looking Health and Social Care Partnership with a strong understanding of the problems and solutions that can have real impact.

“This is an opportunity to forge and reconnect pivotal relationships across the sector for the benefit of people and communities.”

A connect event is being held to welcome all interested parties to hear more about the programme and invite your feedback and collaboration. So make sure to book your space by clicking here.