‘You need to have that know-how if you want to make changes for the people it affects’

All in For Change members with personal and professional experience of homelessness have been talking about their work on the team and explaining the benefits a co-production ethos brings to the table.

The Change Team works with decision makers to develop homelessness policy and has had a significant influence in areas including development of the new prevention duties proposed for public bodies and policies around Rapid Rehousing.

Change Lead Suzie McIlloney, Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Officer at South Ayrshire Council, talks about the positive experiences and range of different work she has been involved in during her time on the Team.

I got involved with the Change Team because I see the value in coming together, listening and driving forward real change.

Before coming to South Ayrshire Council, I supported people who were experiencing homelessness.

I am extremely lucky to be involved with a team of people who are passionate and who really care about what they do.

As a team, we come together as equals, we learn from each other, we have built relationships, we support each and deliver on what is needed to change.

What surprised me most is the range of opportunities we are involved in. I have participated in the Prevention Duties Task and Finish group, attended focus groups, I have spoken at conferences – this is just a snapshot.

Bringing policymaking and people with experience of homelessness together just makes sense. You need to have that know-how if you want to make changes for the people it affects. This is what co-production is all about.

The Change team’s successes and future priorities are set out in this evaluation of the programme’s first 3 years.