Podcast: Racial diversity in the housing profession

Should housing associations, membership bodies and other organisations within the sector be looking to increase diversity among staff and board teams? Why is it important? And what resources are available for those looking to attract a broader range of backgrounds and experiences?

Joining this podcast are Lara Oyedele, the current president of the Chartered Institute of Housing, who is seeking to raise awareness of the importance of racial diversity within the leadership of the housing sector with her CIH presidential campaign, ‘In My Shoes’, Callum Chomczuk, the national director for CIH Scotland and chair of the internal EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) group which for the past two years has been working to improve EDI throughout CIH and its membership, and Fash Fasoro, the CEO of social enterprise DataKirk. Fash helped organise the recent Scottish Black Talent Summit and offers insight on how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Listen to the podcast with here and read Jimmy Black’s blog to accompany the episode here.