Everyone Home publishes Prevention Route Map and presses for political buy-in ahead of election

A network of services and systems for people who live and work with homelessness after it has happened already exists across Scotland. But this is often too late and sometimes too slow. Instead, we want to connect what we know about the causes of homelessness with the local knowledge and services that can reach people earlier — and closer to home.

This latest Route Map, the fourth to be produced by Everyone Home since the collective was launched in May, identifies the factors that increase the chance of homelessness and the protecting factors that can help prevent it. It also sets out policy asks to enable a place-based approach to preventing homelessness across every community in Scotland.

In late November members of the collective, including people with lived experience, called on political parties, MSPs and candidates in next year’s Scottish Parliament elections to get behind a ten-year plan to end homelessness. As the parties finalise manifesto pledges and prospective candidates declare, this third Route Map asked the Scottish Parliament to get behind five key asks in a 10-year commitment. That conversation continues as the parties finalise their pledges and commitments for May’s Scottish Parliament Election.

The five priorities are:

  1. Prioritise prevention
  2. More homes
  3. End rough sleeping
  4. No evictions into homelessness
  5. Systems change

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