Housing First Pathfinder

Here you’ll find out more about the live Pathfinder Programme.


The Pathfinders

Every experience of homelessness – and every path out – is unique. But one thing common to each is that housing ends homelessness.

Scotland’s vision to end homelessness is now focused on ordinary, settled housing as quickly as possible for everyone, with Housing First wrap around support available for those who want and need it.

This is the approach of Scotland’s Housing First Pathfinders, working to make Housing First a reality on a much bigger scale than what we’ve so far known. Working in a new, collaborative way across sectors, to understand and establish the relationships, structures and processes necessary to ramp up our activity.

The five Pathfinder areas are:
– Aberdeen/shire
– Dundee
– Edinburgh
– Glasgow
– Stirling

Housing First Pathfinder Trackers

View the latest Housing First Pathfinder Tracker, or browse previous Pathfinder Tracker Reports.

Housing First Check Up Report

Scotland’s Housing First pathfinder is independently evaluated by Heriot-Watt university who review and report on the process adopted, the outcomes achieved, and the cost benefit delivered.

This annual check-up provides a summary of who has benefited from Housing First so far, and the progress made against the 3 measurable goals that the pathfinder has been working towards.