Roadmap to the Alliance

Update at July 2020

The new alliance is currently at mobilisation phase, with an alliance manager being appointed and a launch being planned.

Update at February 2020

At council committee on the 6 February 2020, a recommendation was approved for a group to form the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness with Glasgow City Council. The group is made up of 7 third and independent sector organisations: Aspire, Crossreach, Loretto Care, Mungo Foundation, Sacro, Salvation Army and Ypeople.

Update at May 2019

Your City, Your Home: A Prospectus for the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness (PDF)

The Contract Notice for the new Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness was published:

More information here:

Update at June 2018

Glasgow City Council published this statement:
Statement to the Market – Re-Design of Homelessness Service. Following a procurement strategy review, the Prior Information Notice (PIN) published by GCC on the 23rd September 2017 in relation to the procurement of a re-designed Homelessness Service for Glasgow via the creation of an Alliance Partnership will be superseded by a new notice to commence the procurement procedure. The updated notification will be published in due course, but in the meantime GCC wishes to inform the market that it intends to procure the re-designed Homelessness Service under the Light Touch Regime provisions of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. Further details relating to the form of tender competition, including a brief description of the contract, the conditions for participation, and the main features of the award procedure will be more fully described within the relevant notice.

At the moment, GCC envisages that it will adopt a tender procedure involving successive stages to accommodate some form of negotiation or dialogue with participants rather than following an open or restricted procedure

Design Sessions 2017

Faciliated by Homeless Network Scotland, Glasgow City Mission, Unity, CCPS and GCHSCP. To agree the principles that would underpin the new alliance.

Design Session 1: About Provision
Presentation 1 (PDF) | Notes of Meeting May 2017 (PDF)

Design Session 2: About Procurement
Presentation 2 (PDF) | Notes of Meeting June 2017 (PDF)

Design Session 3: About Partnership
Presentation 3 (PDF) | Notes of Meeting July 2017 (PDF)

Design Session 4: About Principles
Presentation 4 (PDF) | Notes of Meeting August 2017 (PDF)