Prevention of homelessness duties: consultation analysis

Published today, this report provides an analysis of responses to the joint Scottish Government/ COSLA consultation on proposed new prevention of homelessness duties, which ran from 17 December 2021 to 8 April 2022.

There is widespread support for both the package of reforms and the individual proposals outlined in the consultation but also highlighted is the need for significant investment. This will be a useful evidence base for the Scottish Government to draw on when shaping the final duties to be included in a forthcoming Housing Bill.

Read the Analysis of Consultation Responses

Homeless Network Scotland AGM 2022


On Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 13:00 in the Jura Room, Crowne Plaza, Glasgow G3 8QT 

Homeless Network Scotland’s Annual General Meeting 2022 will take place at the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow on Tuesday 4 October at 1.00 pm.  

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Full members will also be invited to elect the Board of Trustees and Directors of Homeless Network Scotland for the year ahead.

If you are a full member and would like to stand for election to the Board of Homeless Network Scotland, you can find a nomination form here. Please return by email to by 12 noon on Wednesday 28 September 2022

If you are not already a member of Homeless Network Scotland and want to vote at the AGM or stand for election to the Board – it’s quick and easy to join us. You will find a membership form here with full details.

Programme for Government 2022-2023

The new Programme for Government for 2022-2023 A Stronger & More Resilient Scotland was published on 6 September, setting out Scottish Government actions for this coming year. Many of this year’s commitments are focused on government’s response to the cost-of-living crisis, including increased protections for tenants and longer-term plans to make rents more affordable.

The aim of following measures is to support people struggling with the increased costs to food and fuel to be able to stay in their home. This would also help people maintain social connections, avoid worsening mental health issues, keep their jobs and avoid housing crises such as homelessness: 

  • A rent freeze, effective from 6 Sept, will be introduced in a new emergency Housing Bill. The new legislation will also impose a temporary ban on evictions, until at least March 2023. These measures are for tenants in both the private rented sector and the social rented sector. 
  • A new campaign will be launched to raise tenants’ awareness of their rights to ensure they can access the support and assistance they need. 
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ website will be introduced to provide people with information on the range of benefits and support available to them through the current crisis. 
  •  A new Housing Bill will be introduced by the end of this parliamentary year to begin to deliver the actions of the New Deal for Tenants and some other aspects of Housing to 2040 – these are yet to be confirmed. 

Other measures to help people cope with increased costs include:

  • The Fuel Insecurity Fund doubled to £20 million to help households at risk of self-disconnection.
  • The Scottish Child Payment will increase to £25 for each eligible child from 14 November, when the payment will also open up to all under 16-year-olds. 
  •  Rail fares will also be frozen. 

These practical steps to prevent more people becoming homeless as a result of the increased costs we are facing is very welcome. Changes to legislation are a vital foundation to this action, along with people knowing their rights. As we know from the way that other housing legislation is implemented across Scotland, implementation including enforcement measures around the new law will be key. 

Reaction to the announcements
Housing Associations are extremely worried about the rent freeze meaning they will have insufficient funds for upgrading existing property and building new homes.
Housing sector reacts to Programme for Government rent freeze
Scottish Housing News 7.9.22

Scottish Association of Landlords have been ‘inundated’ by private sector landlords saying they will remove their properties from the housing market, which could lead to more tenants being made homeless. Concerns have been raised about interest rates leading to increases in mortgage payments (especially buy-to-let mortgages) which will no longer be covered by rent.
Scottish landlords warn of severe problems if ‘rent freeze’ goes ahead
Landlord Zone 6.9.22

Living Rent strongly welcome the rent freeze
Scotland introduces rent freeze and eviction ban to protect tenants from cost of living crisis
Big Issue 6.9.22

Grant Campbell Joins Homeless Network Scotland

Grant Campbell will join Homeless Network Scotland in the role of Head of Partnerships and Consulting, a newly created post to support a diverse network in Scotland to connect, learn and act on homelessness together.

Mr Campbell joins Homeless Network Scotland from Crisis where he was Director of Services across the UK and previously Director of the Crisis Skylight service in Edinburgh.

Grant is a highly regarded collaborator and facilitator – and a well-kent face in the homelessness sector, including his time as Chief Executive of Glasgow City Mission. In Glasgow, Grant was also part of the Alliance Core Team, alongside Glasgow Health & Social Care Partnership and Homeless Network Scotland, that led the consultation and design stage of the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness, since established. Grant was also a founding member of the City Ambition Network (CAN) which has brought a flexible and collaborative approach for creating stable pathways for people who are homeless and facing severe disadvantage.

Grant said: “It is great to be joining Homeless Network Scotland at such a critical time. While there is much work to be done in Scotland, I remain excited and passionate about what we can achieve together across the country in our joint quest to end homelessness.”

Homeless Network Scotland is a membership organisation with a focus on the system and policy changes needed to end homelessness in Scotland. The network actively supports organisations that want to collaborate and provides a platform for people with direct experience of homelessness to connect directly with policy and decision makers.

Grant continued: “For several years, I’ve seen up close the work of Homeless Network Scotland and the impact it has. The organisation has played a key role in galvanising the sector and bringing people together. It’s in that spirit of sharing and collaboration that this new role has been created, and I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and be part of it.”

Grant will also lead the development of Homeless Network Scotland’s specialist We Are All In consultancy, dedicated to supporting the homelessness, housing and related sectors with a targeted range of specialist consultancy, research and learning opportunities.

Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing will be Home for 10

Leilani Farha, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing, will visit Scotland in autumn to provide a keynote at Scotland’s annual homelessness conference.

Ms Farha is Global Director of The Shift, an international movement to secure the right to housing which works with multi-level stakeholders around the world including with several city governments in North America and Europe. She brings a unique set of knowledge and experience to share with colleagues in Scotland, including through her topical reports on homelessness, the financialization of housing, informal settlements, rights-based housing strategies, and the first UN Guidelines for the implementation of the right to housing.

With the conference programme launching today, Home for 10 is the title of this year’s event from Homeless Network Scotland which brings together the sectors and services in Scotland that are committed to adequate housing and preventing homelessness in Scotland.

Taking place on 4 October in Glasgow, the conference is marking ten years since the removal of the priority need test in Scotland; the result of progressive legislation from the Scottish Parliament which created an almost universal right to housing in Scotland, with exceptions as a consequence of immigration legislation reserved to UK Government.

But the 2012 commitment did not end homelessness in Scotland. Rights were seen to leverage action, accountability and help increase expectations – but on their own were not enough when efforts to prevent homelessness had not been widescale or early enough or the supply of affordable housing sufficient enough.

With 2032 the target date for 110,000 new affordable homes in Scotland, many are eyeing the opportunity to align this more realistic housing investment with new duties to prevent homelessness – to assure everyone has a home to build and live their lives.

The conference will welcome Shona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government who will encourage the conference to ‘stay on track’ toward the ambition of ending homelessness in Scotland. And Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Mental Wellbeing & Social Care, will comment on how the National Care Service can improve housing and wellbeing outcomes.

All this will be explored across the day in three themed segments:

  • Making the Shift: a focus on housing rights, options, supply and access. And the financialisaton of housing and what it means for Scotland’s long-term vision set out in Housing to 2040.
  • Stemming the Tide: a focus on the factors that make up the cost-of-living crisis, how it links to housing and homelessness prevention – and the correcting action we need to take.
  • Rewriting Social Care: a focus on the opportunities and dilemmas of a National Care Service in Scotland. Change of this size also offers the chance to rewrite the language around social care to put people first.

Plus, four breakout sessions will provide an opportunity for immersive conversation in smaller groups:

  • The Art of Advocacy and Activism
  • Ask About Housing
  • Measuring What Matters
  • No Wrong Door

Maggie Brunjes, Chief Executive of Homeless Network Scotland, said:

“Home for 10 is shaping up to be an event that meets the moment. The homelessness sector in Scotland will go on record in terms of the swiftness and effectiveness of its response during the pandemic. But there are stubborn issues, and new threats on the horizon that are stalling progress in ensuring everyone has a home to build and live their lives.

“It is important to keep learning about what works and what matters. As well as a phenomenal range of speakers and contributors on the day, we will be publishing a special collection of insights and provocations from key experts – across policy, practice, personal experience and academia – on the mistakes made, the hard-won progress, and what needs to happen next.”

Keynotes and special guests confirmed include:

  • Darren (Loki) McGarvey, Author
  • Dani Garavelli, Journalist
  • Martin Boyle, Associate at Homeless Network Scotland
  • Catriona Mackean, Deputy Director at Scottish Government
  • Alex Fox OBE, Chief Executive of Mayday Trust
  • Ryan MacDonald, Housing Options Scotland
  • Alison Kennedy, East Ayrshire Council
  • Mark Cairney, Associate of Homeless Network Scotland.
  • Bryony Shannon, Blogger
  • Suzie Mcilloney, South Ayrshire Council

You can view the full programme here and book your ticket here.