Ensuring everyone who is eligible gets to vote in May’s council election 

Scottish council elections are taking place on Thursday 5 May. Anyone who is 16 or over, lives in Scotland and has registered to vote can participate.  

People who don’t have a settled address or are experiencing homelessness can still register to vote. The Electoral Commission is keen that anyone who is eligible to vote and wants to participate in elections should be able to do so, including people who do not have a settled address or may be experiencing homelessness. Registering to vote gives people an opportunity to have their say on issues that are of importance to them.  

The 32 local councils in Scotland make decisions about local services including homelessness, libraries, parks / public places, roads and footpaths, social care and in some cases social housing.  

Anyone who wants to vote in this year’s council elections must ensure they register by midnight on Monday 18 April. While people with a settled address can register in five minutes at gov.uk/registertovote, those without a settled address may need to complete a ‘declaration of local connection’ form in order to register. 

The Electoral Commission has published guidance for professionals who work with people experiencing homelessness, which you can use to support those you work with to have their say on 5 May. 

If you need support with specific registration queries you can contact your local Electoral Registration Office. Details for your local office can be found by entering your postcode here. You can also download digital and print resources from the Electoral Commission, including graphics and posters, to run your own awareness campaign in your organisation.