Funding allocations for drug services announced

As part of an announcement of additional funding for drug services on 18 March the Scottish Government has also taken steps to close the Housing Benefit loophole which sometimes put the homes of people entering residential rehabilitation at risk. While some areas had found a workaround, it was not being applied consistently. There is recognition in the announcement that residential rehabilitation may not be the right choice for some and plans include measures allowing people to access treatment in a setting and at a time that meets their needs.

The four funds announced last week include:

  • a £5 million Communities Fund to provide resources to community and third sector organisations to increase capacity  
  • a £5 million Improvement Fund to support improvements to services for outreach, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare, with dedicated support for women
  • a £3 million Families and Children Fund to support the families of those affected by drug misuse during treatment
  • a £5 million Recovery Fund for additional residential rehabilitation capacity.