RRTPs and HARSAG 2020. What now? A short guide for local authorities

Homeless Network Scotland and Crisis Scotland, working with local authority and Scottish Government colleagues, have prepared a short guide on what the HARSAG recommendations mean for Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans going forward.

The guide is intended to assist local authority leaders to transfer policy and practice recommendations from the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) into local Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans (RRTPs) and factored into local delivery. It aims to do this by:

• streamlining themes and priorities
• clarifying the implications for RRTPs
• highlighting roles and responsibilities of partners

Councillor Elena Whitham, COSLA Community Wellbeing Spokesperson said:

“Local Government is committed to working with partners to end homelessness, and this short guide is intended to support the transfer of the national recommendations and policy into local delivery. We know that although we have all experienced the pandemic, its effects and impacts have not been the same across the country, however significant challenges exist for all. I hope this guide, which has been developed by Crisis and Homeless Network Scotland with support from local authority officers and Scottish Government, provides useful assistance in our shared ambition of ending homelessness in Scotland.”

You can view the RRTPs and HARSAG Guide for Local Authorities here.

There is also a 10-minute briefing here that summarises over 100 recommendations and what they mean for RRTPs (sound on!).