The Prevention Commission’s final report published

The Prevention Commission – people with lived and frontline experience of homelessness and members of the All in for Change Team – have been working together for nine months to help design new legal duties to prevent homelessness in Scotland. 

Through their meetings they have come together to share our wide range of experiences to support the work of the Prevention Review Group, which will make a series of crucial recommendations to the Scottish Government about new homelessness prevention laws. 

As a Commission we have prioritised an approach to prevention that: 

  • Is built on asking people what they need and acting on it, striking the best possible balance between housing security and housing choice  
  • Looks to re-establish homelessness services as a true safety net for emergencies that can’t be prevented 
  • And ensures duties to prevent homelessness are shared across Local Authorities, Housing Providers, and Health and Social Care bodies. 

Being involved in the Commission was exciting and challenging for everyone involved and members of the Commission were delighted to have directly influenced the work of the Review Group. 

All of the Commission’s reports are available to read on the Homeless Network Scotland website, and you can read their final report here.