Wisdom from the System – re-designing an inclusive and adaptable alternative system

On July 14 over 40 people with experience of the social care, criminal justice, mental health and homelessness sectors in Scotland came together as part of a UK wide conversation, Wisdom from the System.

Participants acknowledged overlapping issues and how outdated, broken systems are failing individuals – where people have to navigate multiple different services, rather than focussing on their strengths and capabilities.

Wisdom from the System is intended to enable learning from the changes made during the pandemic, and to see a more connected, less competitive model adopted to ensure needs are met and that no-one is left behind.  

Pulling together key themes from these conversations, and using these to decide what’s next, we are hoping this to be the beginning of a powerful movement towards redesigning a system created to support – but is too often failing – people going through difficult times.

For more information and for the opportunity to submit your wisdom online please visit: https://wisdom.maydaytrust.org.uk/