New Board Members for Trustees’ Week

Homeless Network Scotland has welcomed five new Directors to its Board.

The new appointments strengthen the Board to 14. Maggie Brünjes, Chief executive at Homeless Network Scotland, said:

“A warm welcome our new Board Members, who bring a fresh perspective and new set of skills and experience to the organisation at a critical time for homelessness policy and services in Scotland. I want to thank those board members who stood down this year for their support and advice during their term. We look forward to welcoming our new directors to the next Board meeting in December.”

The new Board Members are:

Jackie Erdman, Individual Member, recently retired Head of Equality & Human Rights and Corporate Inequalities Manager, NHSGGC, said:

“I have supported the work of Homeless Network Scotland for many years and their objective to even the playing field for people with the toughest experiences of homelessness. Their recent conference, which had a public health theme, reinforced what we already know. Heath, wellbeing and homelessness are so inter-linked that closer working between different sectors and professional disciplines is essential to improve overall outcomes for people in Scotland.”

New Board Member, Ashleigh Simpson, Head of Policy and Communications at Crisis Scotland, said:

“I’ve been inspired by Homeless Network Scotland’s collaborative approach and their commitment to ensuring that people with lived experience are at the heart of change. I’m pleased to join their board and to work with them to prevent and end homelessness in Scotland for good.”

You can view the full Board of Directors for Homeless Network Scotland here.