Housing First Know How

Here you’ll find information and resources about Housing First.

The Principles of Housing First

Housing First provides ordinary, settled housing as the first response for people with multiple and complex needs beyond housing. Read more about the principles of Housing First.


Find out more about the evidence for Housing First

National Framework

A National Framework to start up and scale up Housing First in Scotland


Read our reports and resources on Housing First


Find out more about Scottish Government policy in relation to Housing First


Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about Housing First


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Communications Strategy

A growing momentum will help Housing First to succeed, with strong communication and storytelling within and beyond the ‘homelessness’ sector. Much of the potential of Housing First relies on widespread understanding among different stakeholder groups and support for the approach and the scale of change that is needed. Our ambitious communications strategy for 2020/21 captures key communications outcomes and outputs.

(This strategy was signed off just prior to Covid in February 2020. While the outcomes and objectives remain in place, Housing First communications was folded into our overall crisis communications planning during the summer of 2020).