Scottish Government Budget 2022-23

The Scottish Government’s Budget for 2022 to 2023 sets out the direct spend on homelessness; £10 million is being made available from the Ending Homelessness Together fund including additional funding for rapid rehousing transition plans. The £23.5 million homelessness support fund to local authorities is being maintained. More detail on the homelessness and housing content below.

  • The £10 million being made available from the Ending Homelessness Together fund is part of the overall investment of £100 million between 2018-19 and 2025-26.  The 2022-23 allocation for homelessness includes further funding for rapid rehousing transition plans, with a key focus on supporting delivery of the national Housing First approach.
  • Scottish Government remain committed to delivering 110,000 affordable homes, 70% for social rent, by 2032.  Total investment in the Affordable Housing Supply Programme is maintained at 2021-22 levels at £831 million.
  • Rented sector reform work will be kick-started with a £2.75 million investment to progress the Rented Sector Strategy, with a focus on quality, affordability and fairness in private and social rent.
  • A further £80 million is being made available for discretionary housing payments to help people meet housing costs and mitigate the bedroom tax in full.

Other relevant announcements

  • Chapter 1 sets out the spending priorities with a focus on tackling inequalities – some of the key points are noted here: 
    • Investing £197 million in the Scottish Child Payment – doubling it to £20 per week from April 2022 and expanding eligibility to children aged 6-15 from December 2022. 
    • A new public sector pay policy underlines that national mission to tackle poverty by introducing a public sector wage floor of £10.50 per hour from April 2022, with additional funding for Local Government to ensure this applies to adult social care workers in commissioned services.
    • The Protecting the Scottish Welfare Fund with £41 million. 
    • Scottish Government has allocated the 2022-23 budget using a human rights-based approach, which means work continues on the new multi-treaty Human Rights Bill, to be introduced this parliamentary term incorporating the right to adequate housing.