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Conference 2024

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Scotland’s Annual
Homelessness Conference

October 2024

Conference 2024

Perth Concert Hall


Conference 2024

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Right Here in Scotland we have a national housing emergency. Right Now more people are affected by homelessness with services stretched by demand that has been heightened by a cost-of-living crisis.
We all know that a brighter future is possible. This has been discussed and debated, written and rewritten many times over. A brighter future where:

  • We will have prioritised prevention.
  • We will have enough settled homes for everyone in the places they want to live.
  • Homelessness will be a fleeting experience that meets an emergency response.
  • A small supply of suitable temporary accommodation will be ringfenced in every area to deliver this response.
  • And for people that need a bit of support? They’ll get it.

But right here, right now – that feels further away than ever.

These are complex times and we’re navigating a complex terrain. This means that ‘right now’ needs as much clarity as the future we have already written. What needs to happen – right here – to help people today? And what do we need to put in motion – right now – toward that brighter future?

So this year’s conference comes with a task.

The 2-day programme will work across 4 urgent themes that reflect the housing and homelessness crisis in Scotland. Delegates will be encouraged to focus on here and now – what can be done, or started, in the short term. But medium- and longer-term solutions will inevitably be discussed, and these will also be carefully recorded. By working together in this way, the conference will shape a route map out of the current housing and homelessness emergency.

The annual gathering of people who are concerned about housing and homelessness in Scotland intends to meet the mood head on. And together, we can help lift the mood and set in motion a fresh chain of action that starts right here, right now.

  • Maggie Brünjes | Chief Executive, Homeless Network Scotland