Housing First Scotland

Housing First is normal, it’s fairer, it works – and we all benefit


Housing First Scotland belongs to everyone who is helping Housing First become the first response for people whose homelessness is made harder by experiences such as trauma, addictions and mental health problems.

Branching Out

The National Framework For Housing First in Scotland. It provides a ‘how to and why’ guide for all sectors planning, commissioning and delivering Housing First.

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Check-up 2023

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Housing First Check-up

The Housing First Scotland Annual Check-Up is a method and set of tools co-delivered with local authorities and partners, to reflect on how well Housing First is branching out according to the principles that make it work.

Housing First Scotland Annual Check-up 2023

Homeless Network Scotland has published the latest Housing First Scotland Annual Check-up detailing the progress and challenges in delivering Housing First across 26 local authorities over the last year.

The report highlights an unexpected rise in children living in Housing First households, hinting at the potential for Housing First to reunite families – with all the benefits that brings for people, communities and wider society.

Overall, tenancy numbers are rising and tenancy sustainment is at 90%. But faster upscaling is needed to cope with huge unmet demand, while current funding arrangements are hampering delivery and staffing. And we need more houses.

As one respondent says: “Housing First is the ultimate homelessness prevention activity”.

The Check-up draws on extensive engagement with tenants, and housing and support workers to set out 14 priorities for change in areas such as funding, tenancy support, partnership working and staffing.

Annual Check-up 2022 [pdf]
Annual Check-up 2021 [pdf]