What change do we want?

We are acting on what works and what matters. All in.

How we act to promote change

The goal of ending homelessness in Scotland is in sight
find out how we will reach it.


Rapid rehousing

In line with recommendations, the Scottish Government is
committed to a transition to Rapid Rehousing for all
homelessness households, with Housing First becoming
the first response for people experiencing severe and
multiple disadvantage.

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Prioritise prevention

Prioritising prevention is crucial to Scotland’s plans to end
homelessness. The Homelessness and Rough Sleeping
Action Group made a series of recommendations taken up in
the Scottish Government’s Ending Homelessness Together:
High Level Action Plan.

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End rough sleeping and destitution

Rough sleeping is the very sharpest end of homelessness and the most urgent responses are needed.

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