The future of supported housing as a response to homelessness in Scotland


Wednesday 24 July 2024
2pm – 3.30pm | online

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What is the future role of supported housing as a response to homelessness?  

Modern housing, health and social care policy agrees that most of us should have the opportunity to build and live our lives in an ordinary home as part of an ordinary community.  

But for a very small number of people who experience homelessness, this is not what they want, or what they can manage at the moment. In those cases, supported housing should offer a settled, not temporary, housing option. It should be jointly planned and commissioned by councils and Health and Social Care Partnerships, breaking the legacy of ‘homeless’ supported accommodation altogether. It should offer self-contained homes with easy access to great support on-site or nearby. And it should have adequate funding models to mitigate the ‘benefit trap’ created by high rents that limit people and their potential to earn or learn. 

The Supported Housing Task and Finish Group, appointed by the Scottish Government, will launch its final report on 24 July. The event will be supported by a webinar on ‘The future of supported housing as a response to homelessness in Scotland’, with a panel discussion and Q&A including Housing Minister Paul McLennan.

Welcome and address:
  • Shona Stephens and Resident of QCHA
  • Paul McLennan MSP
Overview of report and recommendations:
  • Maggie Brunjes, HNS and Eileen McMullan, SFHA
Panel Discussion and Q&A, including with:
  • Yvette Burgess, Housing Support Enabling Unit
  • Patrick McKay, Turning Point Scotland
  • Sharon Freeman, Queens Cross Housing Association