Reach out: great relationships supporting people at home and online


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This learning experience will provide insight into designing and delivering support alongside people who are staying in their own home, both in person or remotely online. You will examine the pivotal role of the relationship between the support worker and client and hear about coaching techniques to help people to
sustain tenancies and build strong links with their community. With the increasing reliance and importance of digital communication the session includes the use of digital support both to complement and as an alternative to traditional support systems by:

  • exploring the range of digital tools available, their uses and benefits
  • sharing learning from services which use digital technology historically
  • sharing tools and tips for maximising digital contact and engagement
  • identifying what to do when something feels wrong
  • exploring best practice in digital safety for staff and clients
  • reading between the lines – interpreting problems without body language
  • exploring how to use technology as a client diary.


Two three-hour sessions over two days
9.30am – 12.30pm

Delivered by
Ginny Cooper and David Kidd

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