Fine-tuned: striking the right chord on homelessness in Scotland


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The programme [pdf]

Scotland’s Annual Homelessness Conference. Tuesday 31 October 2023 – Perth

Everything rests on housing. Our wellbeing and how we experience equality and opportunity. And the happiness and success of our communities and wider society rests on housing too.

But it is difficult to remember a time when global, UK and national events have aligned so acutely and with so much pressure on our local housing systems in Scotland.

The housing, homelessness and refugee sectors know this. Among the most informed, ambitious and committed professional sectors in Scotland – and who are now being relied upon to unlock solutions to unprecedented challenges. So, what do we need – and what more can we do – to fine-tune our partnerships, improvise solutions, scale up what works, and strike the right chord on ending homelessness in Scotland?

Held at Perth Concert Hall in the Fair City, this year’s conference comes from the heart of a local authority who has achieved groundbreaking results on homelessness.

So, let’s face the music! Fine-tuned offers the opportunity to find together some hope, optimism and inspiration amid the troubles ahead.


Sponsorship Opportunities

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1. Growth Mindset

Fixed mindset is the belief that we’re born with a fixed level of natural ability, intelligence or
talent. Growth mindset is the belief that our level of success is determined by factors such as
effort, application and skills development. This simple ethos develops individuals who are more
inspired to learn and challenge themselves, unleashing their potential.

This breakout session will hear about the theory and principles of the Growth Mindset approach
that emerged in the education sector. Explore its potential effectiveness as an approach for
professionals and for people tapping into support and services. And enable you to consider
what might be relevant in your context


2. Rapid Rehousing – making it work

‘Home First’ in Perth & Kinross is the only example of a fully developed, rapid rehousing model being delivered in Scotland. The innovative approach was formally launched in 2017 – preceding the national policy objective and inspiring the cornerstone recommendation from the Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Action Group that led to the joint Scottish Government-COSLA Ending Homelessness Together Plan and to each council area now having a Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan in place.

This breakout session will chart the council’s improvement journey that began in 2008, from a lowest possible regulation grading, to a period of transformational change, to breakthrough results on homelessness. And explore with delegates the big questions to make rapid rehousing work in every council area in Scotland.


3. Everyone’s WISH

The pioneering Women in Safe Homes (WISH) fund was created by UK social impact and investment organisations in response to the need for safe, decent housing for women who are more likely to experience homelessness as a result of living in an abusive household. Earlier this year, Cyrenians announced it will be the first charity partner in Scotland to buy and refurbish properties to create safe homes for women who have experienced domestic abuse.

This breakout session will brief on the scale and nature of women’s homelessness in Scotland and the policy landscape intended to tackle it. And explore the aspirations of this new Cyrenians partnership to help inform and inspire similar partnerships in your area.


4. Can Scotland mitigate the impact of UK Immigration Policy?

Immigration is an issue that divides opinion across politics and society, with the mood intensifying as a result of world events. Yet at the very heart of this issue are people seeking sanctuary or to settle in Scotland, some of whom become homeless and destitute because they have no recourse to public funds. Can Scotland mitigate the impact of this UK policy? What can be achieved if lots of us do a little more?

This breakout session will brief on immigration policy and share learning from the first-year evaluation of Fair Way Scotland – what worked and what didn’t. And explore together what each of us, in all our different roles and sectors, can do to protect people from homelessness, destitution and other harms.