Closer to home: a place-based approach to preventing homelessness


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All homelessness starts in a community, so a place-based approach to preventing it happening is part of a wider shift towards employing assets that already exist in communities to improve wellbeing, address poverty and prevent homelessness. The learning experience will connect the causes and drivers of homelessness with the local knowledge and services that can provide an early warning approach using a simple two-point technique. It is designed for professionals working with people at risk or those who come into regular contact with members of the public. After completing the learning experience participants will:

  • understand the evidence on what drives and causes homelessness and what reduces the risk
  • why a place-based response to prevention is important, and what the limitations are
  • gain an understanding and takeaway examples of the specific interventions that can prevent homelessness
  • explore methods to identify community assets that can help protect people‚Äôs homes
  • know when to ASK about housing and ACT on what they are told to prevent homelessness
  • become familiar with the local landscape that can prevent homelessness closer to home.


Over a half day
10am – 2pm

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