Blog: Talking about homelessness

David Ramsay, Change Lead at Homeless Network Scotland

Well, well, well, I never thought I would have enjoyed being involved in a session about improving communications, and I was wrong as I loved it😊.

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve taken part in a workshop before and it has been a bit “samey samey” and you don’t get much from it, this was not one of them. “Hats off to my 2 colleagues for this” (Michelle & Ginny).

The activity in the photos was really a very simple process of deciding which way you prefer to communicate and how can you improve on this?

As you guessed, everyone has their favourite way, whether it’s written (not mine), spoken, visual and audio.

For me, the most important thing I took from this workshop was simply, if you want to improve something, YOU must also make changes, and this is where things can get a bit tricky, well for me it is (you’re right, I’m not perfect).

I find changing the way I work, even for beneficial reasons, can be difficult and it takes me time to adjust and really get my head round it. I’m fortunate that in my role I have the time to do this, which gets me perfectly to the point I’ve been wanting to make.

We all want to see an end to homelessness, due to the fact it’s outdated, and it does a lot of damage to people, so back to the simple language. What are the changes we want to see and how are we going to get there?

I believe we are moving in the right direction for the change we want to see and I’m also realistic that these won’t happen overnight.

WE will all have to make changes to the way we work if we want to see any change in the future, and I’ve started by keeping this short and simple and to the point 😊.

Enjoy the day everyone. Take care